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One week on from Woolwich

It’s been one week since a soldier was killed on the streets of Woolwich. This has been a charged event that a lot of people have found difficult to deal with.  Maybe it was seeing the interview of the nut job after he’d killed a man, knives and blood in his hands. Maybe it’s the shock of a soldier being killed in this country.  Were used to hearing about soldiers dying abroad, Five British troops dead in Afghanistan, two soldiers blown up in Iraq.

What I’ve found hardest to understand isn’t the murder, but how people have been trying to earn out of it. The EDL have been trying to recoup their losses by attaching themselves to this story. A few months ago the EDL were a dwindling crew of a few hundred. Yesterday’s mob, unable to even walk round Walthamstow. But they have latched themselves on to this story and used this man’s death to bolster their numbers, an for what? To bring a mob out on the streets to give Nazi salutes outside Downing Street. How is that paying respect for British troops?

The same goes for the BNP, this Saturday their trying to skip along in their cars between Lewisham and Woolwich. There using this guy’s death to try and bolster their numbers after UKIP stole all their votes. It’s a sham, just a chance to spread their poison. They are insulting the idea of respect for the dead.  Would this guy have wanted Fascists shouting his name on the streets?

But it’s not just the bottom feeders out for a bit of gain, you’ve got Mi5 using this as reason to keep their funding from being cut. The Tories are using his death as a excuse to push through more laws eroding out right to privacy. As if keeping a log of what we look at on Facebook could ever stop a nutter with a knife.

An all the papers. Running twenty page specials on this “fallen hero”.  The family won’t get a penny from the papers sold after he died. For the media it’s just another bit of news to churn out, show a bit of shock and horror. Let a few crocodile tears drop and then move on, find another tragedy to profit off. Find another missing girls phone to hack.

All this nonsense around it, all these people looking to gain. It makes you forgot why the lad was even killed.

He was wearing a Help for Heroes T shirt going into a barracks. Help for Heroes is the most disgusting charity there is,  Not because they try to help disabled people returning to this country from war, but because it even exists. The idea that members of the public should have to subsidies the recovery of men an women sent out to die in this country’s name is wrong. Yet again the English state shows itself to the least patriotic of everyone.  The state should be paying fully for every aspect of their care. These soldiers should have everything they want from the state because they were willing to sacrifice their lives and limbs for the government’s war, and what do they get?

As Tony Blair and John Prescott roll around in fine silks racking in millions every year, writing books about the tough decisions they had to make over if they should send children to go off to war. These kids have to live with being charity cases. Hoping people will send in a few quid so the ministry of defence can buy a new swimming pool to help people without legs walk as Tony Blair spunk’s another million on champagne to quaff down with the Pope.

And that’s where the blame really lands isn’t it? This is just the fallout of the Imperialist wars of Tony Blair, or had people forgotten there was still two wars on?  Sure there might be an official peace. Sure their might not be peace marchers on the streets anymore and sure, there might be a military retreat going on. But Guantanamo bay’s still full, civilians are still dying, Drones are still flying and body bags are still being sent back here.

 If this kid had died in Iraq no would know his name. But he died on our streets and that’s what’s so hard to handle, that this stupid war this country was dragged into for the sake of oil is still raging on.


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